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Any person who inquires about a session voluntarily agrees to be the subject of a Spiritual Reading. Said person must be 18 years of age or older. Said person accepts full and total responsibility for any and all injury arising from the Spiritual Reading. Said person shall hold harmless all parties involved in the Spiritual Reading session. Said person understands that Lauri Moore's session is conducted by someone who is NOT a psychologist, a medical doctor or a minister. It is understood that at no time during my session will medical or mental health therapy be provided. By requesting a session said person confirms that the Spiritual Reading session does not conflict with any existing psychiatric or medical treatment. It is recommended that all advice from any medical or psychological practitioner should be followed. As all things in life, the future is unclear and unknown. Therefore, this authoress will not guarantee the certainty of any premonitions, predictions or opinions regarding the occurrences of future happenings. Prepayment is required for any and all Spiritual Reading session(s). Lauri Moore has the right to refuse any customer.
Lauri Moore Psychic Medium

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